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Kuhl Consult in Düsseldorf has been supporting people on the path to professional self-determination since 2016.

The Team

Christa Kuhl

Christa Kuhl

Solution-oriented, communicative, versatile, knowledgeable and appreciative

Christa Kuhl is a certified business coach with a great passion for careers, transformation and change management. When it comes to coaching, she’s interested in working directly with her clients, and always finds it exciting to see how people develop their own individual, tailor-made solution. She loves how diverse people are – she has always been interested in different personalities and mentalities. With her empathic nature, her understanding of individual mannerisms and her intercultural skills, she is your sparring partner for your desire for change. She is also trained as a Reiss Motivation Profile® Master and wingwave® Coach.

Christa Kuhl has a background as a project manager with more than 15 years of international experience in various industries, such as the multimedia industry, the energy sector and the telecommunications sector. She is empathetic and also very organised with a good feel for timing, is pragmatic and solution-oriented. She coaches in German and English.

Christa Kuhl is passionate about outdoor sports and is particularly fond of running. She’s also interested in various nutritional issues – she likes the variety of international cuisine, knows about modern nutritional concepts and has integrated therapeutic fasting into her life on a regular basis.

As Systemic Coach certified by ifap – Institute for Applied Psychology, Cologne

wingwave ® Coach
Eilert Akademie, Berlin

Certified Reiss Motivation Profile ® Master

Eva Cristescu

Empathic, solution-oriented, positive, sustainable, inspiring

With her great passion for vocation, transformation and a balanced lifestyle, Eva Cristescu supports you with heart and soul on your way to recognising your full potential, living your values and having that work-life balance.

You are her main focus, and she supports you in analysing and reflecting on your current professional situation with her emphatic and solution-oriented attitude, shedding light on potential options so that you are able to make good decisions in the position you are in and shape your career to suit you and what you want.

Ms Cristescu loves working with people from other countries and cultures, and she has developed her professionalism in a wide range of professional areas and projects as a human resources manager, sales marketing manager and communications manager in medium-sized and large international companies. She coaches in German, English and Bulgarian.

Sheila Fitschen

Sheila Fitschen

Resource-based, empathetic process facilitator who likes change

Sheila Fitschen brings with her strong opportunistic thinking due to her experience gained as a trainer and coach for innovation and start-up processes in various industries. Just as she does when working with innovation teams, she also relies on using her own strengths and developing a meaningful future vision in start-up and career coaching.

Motivation and energy are based on pursuing an activity that is right for your own strengths and needs. In coaching, you therefore have the opportunity to reflect on these aspects and include them in your career plan.

Sheila Fitschen supports you in finding a path that suits you and your lifestyle. With her empathic and resource-based attitude, she opens up space for self-reflection. Tools from systemic coaching are used as well as methods taken from research into self-management and stress. Goal-oriented, she’s there to support you throughout your very personal change process.

Ute Kretschmer

15 years of experience as a service provider for training, career advice, coaching and recruitment

Ute Kretschmer is a systemic coach. She has been working in various roles and companies in the field of personal and professional development since 2004. She has experience in career coaching, recruitment and sales, as well as organisational development and portfolio management in skills development academies.

In her career coaching, she uncovers and works with her clients on the core issues that are helpful for professional change and achieving the coaching objective agreed. It is important for her to have an appreciative, respectful and solution-oriented approach.

Katarina Fritsche

Katarina Fritzsche

Business Coach and Cultural Awareness Trainer

Katarina is a Cultural Awareness Trainer and a Social and Cultural Anthropologist. Since 2008, she has been working in the field of education and teaching and has gained working experience at a number of different universities, schools and museums in Germany and abroad.

Katarinas expertise lies in managing profound changes, inter-personal conflict and increasing diversity at work places. Her career-coachings are characterized by a resource-oriented, as well as solution-minded approach, using a variety of methods derived from the fields of diversity management, cultural awareness and ethnographic research.

Katarina´s work is inspired by an empowerment approach. Working with, not on her client, it excites her to guide you through your personal coaching process, during which you will be identifying your true potential and your possibilities. Moreover, Katarina supports you in (re-) claiming ownership for your work life, in (re-)organizing your professional goals with regards to your current life situation and in following these (re-)defined goals in a self-determined way.

Peter Deijs

Pieter Deijs

Senior project and programme manager

Pieter Deijs is a consultant with international experience and extensive knowledge of a large number of organisations, business forms and technologies, especially in the telecommunications and energy sectors, as well as in publishing.

In his more than 20 years of working as a management consultant, project manager and programme manager, he has grown into a visionary who recognises market trends, new technologies and opportunities and works on and develops them with success.

Mr Deijs is responsible for large business and IT programmes in the Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK. He also heads up interdisciplinary, international projects at different locations. He has a winning leadership style and a strong belief that teamwork is the key to success.

Pieter Deijs’s extensive experience, high level of integrity and respectful manner means that he is also often used by his clients as a coach for project manager staff.

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