• Company coaching

    team building, change management, relationship and conflict management and outplacement

  • Company coaching

Company Coaching

Kuhl Consult supports companies in providing individual support to employees and teams in order to encourage cooperation and bring the team spirit back into balance.

Sudden process changes or restructuring require employees to be on board. External support can provide valuable assistance to help create this willingness to participate and ensure that everyone feels comfortable with the changes being made.

The Kuhl Consult team has many years of experience in companies and groups in various different industries – and above all, a deep understanding of highly dynamic environments.

Leadership Coaching

The occasions for leadership coaching can be different ones:

  • Your company goes through a dynamic change process and requires from you as manager to think in a new way, to act agile and flexible and to go new ways. In this situation it is about finding your new stability, but also to guide and motivate your team accordingly.
  • You are new in the manager role and search for support to fill it properly?
  • You find yourself in a conflict situation?
  • To head up an international and / or a virtual team is challenging you?
  • You are seeking for the optimal balance between private life and business life?
  • You wish to have support in dealing with different cultures and mentalities (diversity)

We support you in our Business Coaching with various methods. It is important, that you become a better understanding for your individual needs and targets, but also to understand the needs of the other stakeholders in your system. To shift your perspective or to reflect on yourself can deliver valuable insights, and inspire a sustainable change in your management competency.

Employee Coaching / Coaching for Subject matter experts

Employees who are deployed in line with their skills and competencies give the best benefit for their company, feel appreciated, and show a high employee satisfaction. Therefore, it is key, to discover the skills and competencies of your employees and to stabilize them, with the following topics:

  • Develop and support competencies and potential
  • Support employees on their way to become a manager
  • Re-integration after longer absence
  • Storytelling, optimization of presentation skills
  • Dealing with conflicts
  • Self-Management to balance private and business life

Team Building

A team only works in an efficient way if it is able to work together well. If a team has just been put together or was merged together because of reorganisation, this may cause there to be uncertainties about the roles in the team and in a company or group.

At Kuhl Consult, we support you in familiarising yourself with the transformation, working with it in a proactive way and finding a new identity. This is how your team will find a new level of performance and satisfaction.

Change management

The only constant in life is change. We can support you and your team with your change process. However, we can also be with you and your team to introduce the change process, provide assistance and evaluations and adapt it accordingly. Following thorough coordination, we will prepare suggestions tailored to your needs and will be there to assist you in the process of finding a solution. As experts in the area of change management, we will also show you the theoretical framework for it.  Team coaching can take place on-site at your company or off-site as well, in a space that has been specifically chosen for this purpose.

As well as the team sessions, team members can be supported in individual coaching sessions.

Relationship and conflict management

It’s not all rosy in a company. Different teams and departments have different goals – that’s nothing unusual. Sometimes the chemistry between people just isn’t right. In the worst-case scenario, this can have an extremely negative impact on the quality of deliverables, making teams or individuals ineffective.

At Kuhl Consult, we bring you closer to the idea of a neutral stakeholder model and work with you on conflict resolution options.


Sometimes, market or even conflict situations don’t leave you with any other option – you have to let one or more employees go. Is acting in an ethical way very important to you and your company, and do you want to offer your employees a service that supports them on the path to reorientation?

At Kuhl Consult, we support your employees on the path to a new future. We evaluate their individual strengths and skills with them, establish a vision for the next professional steps with them and are also happy to support them with more practical issues such as optimising application documents or preparing for job interviews.