The Offer

Your personal coach: working on the change

  • Are you looking for a career change or a new direction?
  • You have found conflict situations in your professional environment do not enable you to use your workforce efficiently and you want to change the situation?
  • You feel overwhelmed by the tasks that you have been asked to do? You want to change this, and with it optimize your work-life balance?

We will accompany you on your individual problem resolution. In a normal situation, you would have been able to deal with the issue yourself, but so far you have not reach a sustainable solution. We will help you to take what is possibly an as yet unkown perspective. We will work together with you to help you develop new solutions. So that our work does not remain merely theoretical, together we will develop a catalog of measures specifically tailored to your needs. I will be happy to join you during the implementation of the measures.

Ideal typical course of individual coaching


Before we start the joint work, we discuss your concerns in detail in a non-binding preliminary discussion.

Coaching appointment

  • Goal clarification: What is the goal of the respective coaching session? Where are we in relation to the overall context of your coaching goal?
  • Analysis and guidance for taking a new perspective
  • Discuss the results and derive an action catalog from them


… are an offer for you, so that you can deal with your concerns even more thoroughly.

Outplacement Coaching: You have to let people go?

Sometimes market or even conflict situations leave no other option: you have to give notice to your employee. Ethical action is important to you and your company, and you want to offer your employee a service that takes care of them on the path of reorientation.

The coaching ‘Outplacement’ by Kuhl Consult is divided into four phases:

  1. An initial analysis focuses on the client’s professional and private situation and includes a realistic assessment of his career prospects.

  2. The professional and personal qualifications and the special potential of the client are the focus of the second phase. It is about the creation of a qualification profile, and if necessary. to determine the training needs.

  3. In the third phase, together with the client, we develop an individual application strategy, which defines the professional goals and the procedure for the applications.

  4. The application phase includes the development of the application documents, the application process, the preparation of job interviews and the assessment of job offers. In doing so, we support the client in writing an appealing individual Curriculum Vitae (CV) as well as formulating a suitable written application. We also prepare him for an effective self-presentation during an interview with interview training (if necessary by video). We want to introduce you to new ways of finding a job (including networking, business networks and unsolicited applications).

Team Coaching, Workshops, Seminars, Change Management

  • You and your team want to review and optimize roles and processes within the team?
  • Your team needs a reorganisation?
  • You want to work on strengthening the team’s profile within the organization?
  • You want to know more about change management?

The only thing that is constant is change. We will escort you and your team in your change process. As experts in the field of change management, we will introduce you to the theoretical framework of the topic. But we are also with you and your team to initiate, accompany and evaluate the change process and to adapt it accordingly. After a thorough consultation, we will create a proposal tailored to your individual needs and support you in the process of finding a solution. The team coaching can take place onsite in your company, or ‘offsite’ – in a specially selected room.

In addition to the team sessions, the team members can be supported in individual coaching sessions.