The Team

Christa Kuhl Business Coach Düsseldorf

Christa Kuhl

Pragmatic, communicative, multi-faceted, competent, appreciative

Christa Kuhl has been working in an international environment since 2000: from American multimedia agency to global telecommunications company: she is an experienced project and program manager and has also worked in business operations as an interface in the Human Resources and finance sectors. In addition, she is a certified business coach with a focus on change and change management.

Christa Kuhl loves the diversity of the people. Mentalities – international and gender-specific – have always fascinated her. She has developed a high awareness of similarities and differences of people. In addition she is structured, has a good feel for timing, is pragmatic and solution-oriented.

As a one-time student of an Immanuel Kant secondary school, she has been given the ‘Categorical imperative’, right from the beginning. During her study of economics her system theory and constructivism have opened new perspectives. In her coaching education, she got a deep insight into humanistic approaches, such as ‘Rogers speech therapy’ and ‘Nonviolent Communication’.

“Act only according to that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law.”

Categorical imperative, Immanuel Kant

Member of German Network Business Ethics, Berlin

As Systemic Coach certified by ifap – Institute for Applied Psychology, Cologne

Ute Kretschmer

Ute Kretschmer

Approximately 15 Years of Experience in Trainings, Career Consulting, Coaching and Recruiting

Ute Kretschmer is a systemic Coach. She has been working in different functions and companies with the focus on personal und professional development of employees since 2004. She is experienced in Career Consulting, Recruiting, Sales, and Organisational Development, further in Portfolio Management of Education Academies.

Her Career Coaching is about to discover matters which harm a potential career change and to remove the barriers accordingly. An atmosphere of appreciation and respect is very important for her, and she values a solution-oriented approach.

Leslie Stuart

Leslie Stuart

motivating, empathic, competent, positive supportive, appreciative

Leslie Stuart is your sparring partner and coach on all topics related to career, job application and work-life balance. She pursues a solution-oriented collaboration that suits you, your needs and goals. Step by step, realistic and feasible. It is important for her to give you a good and secure feeling of working together, and thus to achieve sustainable results for you. A wide range of spontaneous and creative tools from the systemic work are used in her coaching to get to the bottom of your potential and your core competences. If you are aware of your strengths, you can mobilize and enable a lot more for yourself. Motivation, support and clear orientation are the driving force behind your success!

For more than 15 years, Leslie Stuart has been working as a trainer and creative director / marketing director, bringing expertise from a variety of disciplines: account management, marketing and sales, leadership and team building. She leads weekly group and individual coaching both in corporations and privately and uses both the contents of the systemic and movement coaching for current topics such as career planning, work-life balance, MindBody balance, posture/attitude and body language.

Peter Deijs

Pieter Deijs

Senior Project and Program Manager

Pieter Deijs is an internationally experienced Consultant with extensive knowledge of a large number of organisations, business forms and technologies, especially in the telecom and energy sectors and in publishing.

In over 20 years of work as a Management Consultant, Project and Program Manager, he has become a visionary, recognizing and successfully developing market trends, new technologies and opportunities.

Mr. Deijs is responsible for major business and IT programs in the Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK. He leads interdisciplinary, international projects across various locations. He has a winning leadership style and a strong belief that teamwork is the key to success.

Due to his extensive experience, his high integrity and his respectful manner, Pieter Deijs is also often used by his clients as a coach for the staff of the Project Managers.

Anna-Lina Triems

Anna-Lina Triems

Everything around the office

Anna-Lina Triems supports our office with her experience from the Television and the Event Management Industry.

She is multi talented: organising things is in her blood, she has creative ideas and is very good in writing articles. She is extremely concentrated und thoroughful. With her positive attitude she has a friendly word for everyone.